What happens after you die?

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9 19%
You go to heaven or hell
7 15%
A new life
6 13%
Go to heaven
5 11%
You don't exist anymore
4 9%
Whatever you expect to happen.
3 6%
2 4%
Sit in nothing forever
2 4%
Your soul stays
2 4%
wake up in the Matrix and play from there
2 4%
you just don't exist anymore
1 2%
1 2%
That the ones that love you, miss you
1 2%
Live to Haunt Grace Albaugh
1 2%
No touching time
1 2%
Taking off VR Headset
0 0%
You get married to Karl Marx's let nipple
Total votes: 47
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We asked 47 people "What happens after you die?". The top answer so far is: "You go to heaven or hell", and you can find the rest of the results above. This is a single-choice poll.

A qurious fact!

People who choose "You go to heaven or hell" here,
When being asked: Would you rather time travel back to the past or to the future?
would usually choose "Future".
This poll was published on 2023-02-02.