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Poll maker features

Unlimited poll options

While some poll makers limit the number of options you can add to a poll, we do not. You can add as many options as you want. Then, we will combine all results after the top 20 options into a single option called 'Other'.


Apart from the classic single-choice poll, you can create a multiple-answers one. Also, if you create a single-choice poll, you can later convert it to a multiple-answers one.

A dynamic "other"

Sometimes, you won't be able to list all the options your poll participants can choose from. In this case, you can enable the "other" option. This will allow them to add their own option(s).

Voting restrictions

  • Session - The user can vote only once per session.
  • IP - One vote per IP

Results visibility

  • Unrestricted - The results are visible to everyone.
  • Show after vote - Visible only after the user has voted.
  • Private - Only you can see the results.

Markdown support

When adding a description to your poll, you can use markdown to format it. Here is a cheat sheat on how to use markdown.