Is there a better name for the "Urban DJ"?

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Hello everyone, I'm wondering, do you think there's a better name for the "DJ/Music section" of Urban Poll?

Please add a new option if you think there's something better.

13 16%
"Urban DJ" is cool
11 13%
Songs Battle
9 11%
"Urban Music" might be better
9 11%
"Urban DJ" is odd
8 10%
6 7%
"Urban Music" is be better
6 7%
"Urban DJ Balls" is better
4 5%
How about Top 5 ratings MUSIC EDITION
4 5%
Urban music balls is better
4 5%
People Music List or People List
3 4%
2 2%
Village Musician
2 2%
Music Urban
1 1%
Total votes: 82
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We asked 49 people "Is there a better name for the "Urban DJ"?". The top answer so far is: ""Urban DJ" is cool", and you can find the rest of the results above. Please note that this is a multiple choice poll and people could choose more than one option.
This poll was published on 2022-11-29.