How can we improve Urban Poll?

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Please vote on the top things that you believe we should work on. This could be implementing new features, improving existing ones or something else you'd like to find being supported here.

17 29%
Improvement: Add images to poll options
12 21%
New feature: Quizzes support
8 14%
DONE: Search functionality
6 10%
5 9%
New feature: Surveys support
4 7%
Secret poll option
3 5%
2 3%
Support for SVGs
1 2%
New feature: Meeting scheduler support
Total votes: 58
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We asked 32 people "How can we improve Urban Poll?". The top answer so far is: "Improvement: Add images to poll options", and you can find the rest of the results above. Please note that this is a multiple choice poll and people could choose more than one option.
This poll was published on 2022-12-14.